CAGE and Other Stories – How My Memory Was Jogged Last Night

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I’m starting off with a story which is part of “Other Stories”. I’m active in political debate groups on Facebook and encounters with other participants can often lead to more than you bargained for in those circles specially were the far right and trolls are concerned.

Then there are the usual misunderstandings and interactions with people which lead to “infighting” between fellow activists. Sadly last night’s encounter was one of those “infighting” stories which have a lot of history to them.

This blog is mainly meant to straighten out some of these misunderstandings and blatant lies.

Last night’s encounter with Maxim, Julia and Claire-Louise in a group about the Scottish referendum jogged my memory about Cage (a troll group on Facebook) and other items. It was the lies told by Claire-Louise that I was an “ex-Cage troll with issues” and that I was a dangerous person which prompted me to retrace my steps from two years ago.



Well, her comments prompted a search through old messages and posts in various groups. Here are my findings:

When I joined this anti fascist malarkey on Facebook in September/October 2012 I was naive and joined on my real profile under my real name. I was blissfully unaware that alts existed, let alone troll profiles. I found out the hard way that people trawl profiles and doxx at first opportunity. By December 2012 I had created a second profile just for political activity to protect my daughter and friends & family on my first and then only FB account which I had since 2006.
There was no point in using an alt/fake name by then, the far right already had doxxed me on my real and posted – thankfully false – info on NWI Fightback. (I ended up ringing a guy who had moved his business to Italy to warn him the far right had given out his phone number as mine.)

In May 2013 I was added to a duplicate Exposing Racism And Intolerance Online group by a friend. It later was renamed Cage 9 and I left it. I was naive and had no idea what trolls were nor that there were troll groups or how and way they operated. I learnt the hard way again when the Cage trolls attacked my friend Gilly in August 2013 on behalf of delusional halfwit Lyn Saddington, someone so mentally unstable she got thrown out of both the EDL and CxF (Combined ex Forces).
I was back in Cage 9 briefly at that point because I was trying to work out if someone who was joining a lot of EDL related groups was far right or a troll. Admin threw me out of Cage 9 and I didn’t even notice until I was told I had been booted. That’s how active I was in that group.

I’ve had a rummage through old messages and posts and it has reminded me of how and why I got added to Cage 9 two years ago.
At the time a friend of mine was trolling Lyn Saddington because she had been extremely vile to my friend while lying about her own circumstances and making out she was rich beyond measures in order to put my friend down.
In the middle of all this Janie Jones from the Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online group got involved and actually stuck up for Lyn Saddington over supposed profile trawling.
My friend then ended up in a heated exchange with Janie Jones and feathers were flying.
Nasir Khan had fallen out with the Expose crew ages ago as well so my friend joined his group and added me to it. The group wasn’t called Cage when I was added, it was a duplicate of the Exposing Racism And Intolerance Online group and named exactly the same, but it was full of trolls and some familiar names who weren’t trolls.
Also it wasn’t a secret group, it was a closed group. At some point it changed the name to Cage 9 and I left because the whole infighting was just getting on my nerves.


Zaara Mohammed added me back to Cage 9 when I had a query regarding a guy called Brett Gasper. Mentioning Zaara was hardly “outing” her, I don’t know her real name and her profile from back then is in reporting limbo as an unverified profile. She was on this profile’s friends list for a short while.



Zaara Mohammed’s profile has been reported as a fake, but you can see from the profile links that this is who I was talking to in private messages:
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 01.36.32

Because Zaara was admin in Claire Voyant’s group and someone I got on with I asked her about Brett Gasper, a guy from the USA who was joining lots of EDL related groups. I was sure he was a troll.


I asked Zaara to re-add me to Cage to see if Brett Gasper was in there.
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 01.37.19

Batoomtish – yes, I did leave Cage voluntarily. Zaara suggested to ask Nasir to kindly re-add me.
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 01.37.33

Zaara re-added me to Cage 9 and I posted a comment saying “thanks for having me back” to which someone said “Nasir has your back?” and I replied “I bloody well hope so!”.
I had a quick look round for Brett Gasper, he wasn’t in the group and I then never bothered to look in Cage again although I also didn’t bother leaving.
Next thing Nasir’s troll gang turned up in KW and started to troll Gilly on orders from Lyn Saddington. Gilly was bullied, harassed and (falsely) doxxed as Jillian Lindon. I opposed Nasir’s actions which ended with him accusing me of spying for Yaffe (I didn’t even know who he was at the time), of Zaara Mohammed being my alt (because she added me to Cage 9 the second time) and of passing information to Anonymous to get pages hacked. Nasir booted me from Cage 9 and when I told him to look at Seen By to check if I had even looked at posts I went to have a look at Cage 9 and realised he had booted me. It was then also set to secret.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 01.38.31

End of my PMs with Zaara.
Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 01.40.11

Cage 9 – it got deleted by Facebook, by now it’s Cage 13 or beyond. Cage 9 went from closed to secret to closed to secret to closed to secret…

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 04.50.49

I had no idea who Daryl Yaffe was, the person I supposedly spied for.

I was never a Cage troll, I was in Cage 9 on two very short occasions on this profile when the group went from closed to secret to closed to secret to closed to secret to closed to secret…
At the time of my booting the group was set to secret or was set to secret after I was booted.
As to any accusation of me being worse than Jamie Card – I doubt that very much. My alt was created to keep tabs on trolls and far right alts so I could warn people and protect my friends and group members in groups I was and am admin of. Anyone can research me, see if you can find anything even resembling Jamie Card’s actions.
Here are the links about Jamie Card for reference:
Additional notes:

Quite clearly I only lasted about a week in the Fake Expose group which then became Cage 9. That really makes me a serious troll. One which never knew what the group was about.

With other words those using my short lived membership of the fake Exposing Racism and Intolerance Online group which turned into Cage 9 are clutching at the proverbial straw.

(perma link given to prove continuity)



14 May to 21 May 2013 – 7 days of irregular membership ending in voluntary leaving:


For those who wish to prove that I was more than a regular member lost amongst trollolics I suggest you provide the evidence or stop your deliberate character assassination.

Yay! My very own blog!

Hello all and welcome!

I will be using this blog to post my views on current affairs relating to Ukraine and anything else which will fall under “other stories”.

When I was a teen in Switzerland I ran a fanzine called “Other Stories” about the music and bands I liked. I might do this again with posts about Ukrainian groups as well as others.

The blog will also be used to straighten out fake stories and general BS posted on social media sites.

Hope you’ll enjoy the bloggings.