DEBUNKED: Photos of German women attacked by Muslims

These four photos are being circulated as German women attacked by Muslims:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 15.09.42

But in truth none were victims of attacks by Muslims.

Here are the true stories:


Drunk woman launched horror toilet attack due to ‘mistaken identity’A drunken woman viciously attacked a friend of 10 years – believing she was another woman who had an affair with her ex-boyfriend.

Amy Rae Ferris, 24, was punched to the floor in the toilets of a bar and then kicked by attacker Tina Mullen.

The mum-of-two suffered a catalogue of horrendous injuries in the assault at Pic’s Bar in Bury town centre in December.

In what was described in court as ‘a case of mistaken identity’, boozy Mullen saw red after being wrongly told Ms Ferris was another woman who was seeing her ex-partner.

Full story:


Jean murder police hunt for evil brute who battered woman

Police hunting the killer of Londonderry mother Jean Quigley want to question a notorious woman beater who battered a teenager almost beyond recognition nine years ago.

In 1999, Stephen Trevor Cahoon, then aged 27, of Rockview Terrace, Moneymore in Co Londonderry, admitted 15 charges against two women, including grievous bodily harm, assault and threatening to kill.

One victim, Lynn McGall (18) from Ballymena was so badly beaten about the face she was almost unrecognisable.

Cahoon was also convicted of assaulting his partner, Samantha Brown, and threatening to kill her.

After a campaign waged by the Sunday Life, the three-year jail sentence was increased to five years and three months.

Cahoon was not in the Appeal Court in Belfast to hear the Lord Chief Justice say the original sentence was too low for the savage beating he inflicted on one of his victims.

Outside the court the women said they were pleased about the increase in Cahoon’s sentence.

Police today declined to confirm that they want to speak to Cahoon.

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Serious assault on Clitheroe woman in her own home

THIS is the battered face of a woman beaten in her own home by an intruder.

And detectives have named a man they want to speak to in connection with the ‘vicious’ attack on Leanne Smalley.

They said they were hunting Benjamin Parker, a former partner of Ms Smalley.

Ms Smalley, 26, was attacked on Sunday October 17 after an intruder forced his way into her home in Highfield Road, Clitheroe, at 1am.

During a prolonged ordeal at the hands of her attacker, Ms Smalley slipped in and out of consciousness and suffered ‘horrendous’ facial injuries.

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Brutal beating of Sheaves Cove woman sparks fear, retaliation

A battered Shelley Jesso of Sheaves Cove said she fears for her safety, her family’s safety and the safety of all other women who walk in the community in which she lives.

She alleges a male resident in the community assaulted her while she was out jogging Tuesday evening.

“If he could do that to a healthy 33-year-old woman, what would he do to an older lady?

Since the incident there hasn’t been a woman in this community out on the street,” Jesso said.

Jesso said she was out jogging at about 7 p.m., following her usual route to Big Cove Park outside the community. She was just coming back into Sheaves Cove when a pickup with its high beams on pulled up towards her.

“I thought it was someone pulling a prank even after the front tire left the road and the vehicle almost hit me. A man jumped out of the truck and I couldn’t believe it after he said some words to me then knocked me to the ground and punched me about eight times,” she said.

Jesso said another vehicle then showed up and the man jumped back into his truck and took off.

“Women are really terrified when someone can do something like this in broad daylight,” she said.

Jesso said she moved back to the community last year after being willed land by a relative and feels this all stems from a land dispute that is currently in the courts. She said there have been a number of incidents that have taken place but she never thought it would escalate to this.

The Bay St. George RCMP are investigating three incidents in Sheaves Cove that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday. Police said all three incidents are believed to be related.

Full story:

Sheaves Cove beating sentence disturbing: Michael

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael says she is unhappy with a western Newfoundland court decision that gave house arrest to a man who assaulted a female neighbour.

Sheaves Cove resident Robert Rowe was sentenced to four months of house arrest in an August 2009 incident that involved his neighbour, Shelley Jesso. Her heavily bruised face was widely seen across Newfoundland and Labrador after the incident was reported.

“This is violence against women,” Michael told CBC News Thursday.

“This is an act of violence against a woman … I don’t think this is the kind of message that the judge should have sent, that you can beat a woman the way he beat her and get four months of a conditional sentence.”

Full story:

My Stance on Immigration and Integration

Contrary to some people’s believes neither I nor the Green Party, of which I’m a member, support open borders or unlimited immigration. The Green Party does want a fairer asylum process, but has never said we should accept everyone who wants to come to the UK.

The Green Party advocates improvement of the local situation of people who feel the need to migrate for a better life and so minimise the need of economic emigration. The Green Party is also opposing the arms trade and wants to keep an army for defensive purposes to minimise war and conflict and so the need for people to flee their own country for survival.

The No Borders/No One Is Illegal movements are separate entities from the Green Party.


The refugee convention clearly states that asylum is a two way deal. The host country gives the refugee a place of safety and in return the refugee abides by the host country’s laws and customs.

I have always said that mulitculturalism is fine and ethnic minority communities should be allowed to practice their own culture AS LONG AS IT’S COMPATIBLE with the laws and customs of the host country.

Sadly too often those in favour have been very keen to uphold the freedom and rights of people to practice their cultures without addressing the bad traditions which are in direct conflict with the values of the country they live in like gender equality, marriage equality, the rights of the child etc etc etc.

The right to practice one’s own culture is not above the law or the values of the host country.

No one should respect bad traditions. Traditions shouldn’t be kept if they are not beneficial just because they have existed for centuries.

Everyone who lives in a country not their own should learn the language and live according to the laws and values of the host country.

I’ve never turned a blind eye to crimes committed by foreigners, nor do many other immigrants or asylum seekers/refugees. The man in the following article is the type of immigrant and refugee I support, a man who is working to help other refugees integrate through his own newspaper.

This is an interview in the Tages Anzeiger, a Swiss newspaper, with a Syrian refugee, Ramy al-Asheq. He fled Syria in 2011 and has been living in Cologne since 2014 (translation follows):

Frage: Sie leben in Köln …

Ramy al-Asheq:
… ich war während der Silvesternacht nicht in der Stadt und weiss darum alles bloss aus zweiter Hand. Aber eins steht fest: Alle Männer, die an den sexuellen Übergriffen und den Diebstählen beteiligt waren – seien es Syrer, Algerier, Amerikaner oder Deutsche –, gehören ins Gefängnis. Sie sind Kriminelle, und hätte die Polizei ihre Arbeit getan, dann wären sie auch dort. Oder in der Psychiatrie.

In Ihrer Zeitschrift erklären Sie den Lesern die hiesige Freiheit. Wie gross ist der Klärungsbedarf?

Ramy al-Asheq: Klärungsbedarf gibt es eine Menge. Und wir versuchen dem konstruktiv nachzukommen, etwa mit Erläuterungen zu grundlegenden Gesetzen oder mit Integrationstipps. Es stimmt auch, dass die Freiheit der Frauen hier andere Formen annimmt als in arabischen Ländern und dies erst einmal irritieren kann. Aber wenn sich Betrunkene an Frauen vergreifen, ist das in keiner Kultur in Ordnung. Im Übrigen bin ich sicher, dass die Übergriffe nicht von radikalen Muslimen verübt wurden – denn die trinken nicht.


You live in Cologne…

Ramy al-Asheq:
… I wasn’t in the city centre for New Year’s Eve and therefore only know what happened from what I was told. But one thing is clear: all men who participated in the robberies and the sexual assaults – be they Syrians, Algerians, Americans or Germans – belong in jail. They are criminals and had the police done their job then they would be in jail. Or in a psychiatric ward.

In your newspaper you explain to your readers about the local values of freedom. How much clarification is needed?

Ramy al-Asheq:
The need for clarification is great. And we are trying to address it constructively, with explanations to the basic laws or with tips on how to integrate. It’s also true that the values of freedom for women here are very different to those in Arabic countries and this can first be irritating. But when drunken people assault women hen that’s wrong in ever culture. Besides I’m certain that the assaults weren’t carried out by extremist Muslims – because they don’t drink.

You can find the complete interview with Ramy al-Asheq here. Use Google translate if you do not understand German (

HOAX: OUTRAGE IN SWEDEN: Sickening picture of blonde woman spit on by muslim ‘refugee’ draws outrage. The others are laughing.


A photo of a man spitting at a blonde woman has been recently circulated with the headline: “OUTRAGE IN SWEDEN: Sickening picture of blonde woman spit on by muslim ‘refugee’ draws outrage. The others are laughing- IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!?”

The Jews News site is one of those which have taken the photo to represent a supposed Muslim refugee in Sweden rewarding his hosts by showing utter contempt for women and assaulting a blonde woman by spitting at her.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 16.16.37

Nothing else is said about this supposed incident in Sweden. It’s just the photo and headline.

In the wake of sexual assaults on women attending New Years celebrations in European cities perpetrated by recently arrived asylum seekers, this is the kind of propaganda circulated to stir up hatred against asylum seekers and migrants.

But what’s the origin of the photo? Is it even from Sweden?
Who is the person assaulting the blonde woman?

I went digging – which is quite easy these days using Google image search.

The truth can be found using Google image search ( which led me first to these results:

Looking for the earliest date the photo was posted anywhere led me to some very unusual blogs which date the photo as published on 20 February 2014, thus making it highly unlikely to be an actual photo of a recent incident:

Jew “spitting vipers” expectorate on the goyim worldwide

The original source is given as:

While the actual blogs express bigoted and even anti-Semitic opinions and are highly biased they still confirm the photo is at least 2 years old. Further searching lead me to a pinned photo with the following info:

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.19.16

Found on

The text reads:

“This photo was taken outside of the Diplomatic Academy Ball in Vienna, Austria in January 2014. The man is a Jew of the Communist party, protesting against the Partido de la Libertad de Austria (FPO). Fake story “OUTRAGE IN SWEDEN: Sickening picture of blonde woman spit on by Muslim ‘refugee’ draws outrage” Also being labeled as a wedding blessing custom.”

A new Google image search using the photo and the words “Vienna ball 2014” lead me to this site, which says the photo was taken in January 2013:

Communist Thugs Attack Police as Peaceful Austrian Nationalists Gather for Culture-filled Ball
Again the actual blog is not relevant, it’s only used to date the photo and get an idea of the location:Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 12.38.36Further searches led me to a forum where other people have also tried to establish the original source of the photo. The You Tube link to the Freiheits Partei Österreich (Freedom Party Austria) was posted on the forum.

It can be clearly seen that the photo is a still from this video, the spitting incident is shown from 0:14-0:16:

Moments before the spitting assault:
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 13.02.18

Just after:
Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 13.02.31Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 15.55.28

The real incident is of a left wing protester spitting at a member of the far right Freedom Party in Vienna on 25 January 2013 while protesters shout:

“Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus!” Translation: “Nazis out, Nazis out, Nazis out, Nazis out!”


“Nazis Faschisten!”
Translation: “Nazi fascists!”

“Wir sind friedlich, was sind ihr? Wir sind friedlich, was sind ihr?” Translation: “We are peaceful, what are you? We are peaceful, what are you?”

“Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus, Nazis raus!” Translation: “Nazis out, Nazis out, Nazis out, Nazis out!”

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 13.00.36

Additional remarks: 

It’s been brought to my attention that the Akademikerball has nothing to do with the University of Vienna despite its prestigious name.

Also here is a new post of this spitting incident misrepresented as a Muslim immigrant spitting on a Swedish woman on the “Supreme Patriot” website.
Supreme idiot more like!

Page link:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.11.54

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.13.00

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