Open Letter to Zac Goldsmith


Dear Mr Zac Goldsmith,

If this is how you are running your election campaigns then I can’t advice anyone to ever vote for you.
In your campaign to discredit Sadiq Khan you have used racial profiling, you have tried to stir up divisions between ethnic and religious minorities in London by targeting the Sikh community against the Muslim community and in this latest, disgusting attempt at a smear campaign you are now linking not just Sadiq Khan, but the Labour Party as a whole, to the 7/7 attack. May I remind you that the Conservative Party fully backed Tony Blair’s Labour Party in the “war on terror”, which is what brought the bombs home to London on 7/7.

May I remind you that it was the Conservative Party under Maggie Thatcher who allowed Muslim extremists, who had the support of the USA and UK to fight Soviet Russia in Afghanistan, into the UK with the logic that they were not going to strike against targets in the UK. well, that all changed with the UK’s involvement in the war on terror, which destabilised the Middle East. Suddenly, on 7/7 they did target London. When the extremists took over mosques in the UK the British Muslim community complained about it, but neither the UK government nor the police did anything to help the moderate Muslims.
Independent article – Secret Affairs, By Mark Curtis

But now you are trying your utmost to lay the blame for all this at the door of Sadiq Khan. You chose the Daily Mail, a national tabloid well known for its anti Muslim sentiment, to accuse Sadiq Khan of links with the 7/7 bombers. Disgusting is too mild a word for this latest attack on a man who has received threats from extremists because he dared to vote for marriage equality.
Many conservative Christians and Muslims, and I’m certain also Jews, do not support same sex marriage as well as many conservative atheists. But Sadiq Khan did in his vote, one of 5 Muslim MPs, he voted for marriage equality. It earned him threats from extremists.

Maybe you are not familiar with Islam, but Muslims are not allowed to kill other Muslims. Most extremists are therefore “takfiri”, they declare a Muslim or Christian or Jew an apostate to allow their murder. Yet you are trying to link these extremists, who think Sadiq Khan is no longer a Muslim, to him. If you can’t see what you are doing then may God, whether you call him Elohim, Yahweh, God or Allah, help you!

With your ethnic background I’m surprised you don’t know the historic facts behind that “grotesque comments about Hitler”. I therefore politely suggest you read up about Haavara and the agreement Zionists made with Hitler’s Nazi Germany in 1933 when Hitler came to power.
Jewish Virtual Library – Haavara

Did Sadiq Khan get it back to front with Ken Livingstone? Should Ken Livingstone have been suspended over his concentration camp guard comment to a Jewish journalist in 2006 instead of now? In my opinion, yes. But I also think your hate campaign has left Sadiq Khan with little option than to call for Ken Livingstone’s suspension this time round. Backing people into a corner with lies is a horrible thing to do.
May I also remind you that it was Sadiq Khan who called for Ken Livingstone’s suspension. Yet you are still gunning for him as if he was an enemy of the state.

As to Louis Farrakhan, yes, he is an evil man, but Sadiq Khan represented him as a lawyer, not as a campaign manager!

Your latest attack on Sadiq Khan is nothing short of that which Liberty GB ran in the form of a meme/info graphic which suggests that voting for Sadiq Khan equals voting for more terrorist attacks on London. In this latest attack on Sadiq Khan you have aligned yourself with the far right. The Liberty GB info graphic was condemned by Tell MAMA.
Tell MAMA – Such Abuse Against Sadiq Khan is Unacceptable & We Must Collectively Counter It

Maybe you would also do well to remember that in WW2 the Daily Mail supported Hitler while thousands of Pakistani Muslims fought against Hitler in the British Army.

But it gets worse. Not that the far right needs much help in hating Muslims, but your hate campaign certainly opened the door to comments like this, which I found myself confronted with last night in a discussion about Sadiq Khan’s supposed “terrorist links”:
“A m**rat in a position of power in a western civilized nation – what’s wrong with shooting him? He’s a follower of the cult of death and he wants to mayor of London. Get rid of him. People have been shot for a lot less.”
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 14.31.39
Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 14.32.00
This is why your campaign should go down in history as a racist hate campaign. You are not suitable to be Mayor of London after this and I wish the Conservative Party would call for your suspension over it.

You have also attracted the votes of far right UKIP supporters, who will vote for you simply to keep Sadiq Khan out of office. While that might certainly suit you, do you really want the support of two former BNP candidates based in East London who are Holocaust deniers?

As for me, I will be proudly voting for Sadiq Khan on Thursday.

Yours sincerely,

Esther Angel